Intellectual, sophisticated, and with a unique architectural color, Kythera attracts many foreigners as well as Greek permanent visitors, famous and not, who are looking for an environment of relaxation, carefree summer elegance, contact with nature, and History. 

They are also connected to Athens by air, but the most popular way is by ferry from Neapoli Laconia. Although small in size, Kythira has a very interesting hinterland: beautiful villages with architecture with a strong local color as well as Venetian features and wonderful routes for endless motoring. You will definitely need a car or motorbike for your travels. The road network is good, a large main road crosses the whole island from North to South, while access to most beaches is via asphalt roads.

The most popular areas are Chora with the castle, the small holiday village of Kapsali below, which also has the most intense nightlife, the resort of Agia Pelagia in the north, and the villages inland. From the villages, be sure to visit Mylopotamos with its picturesque square, the ruins of the Venetian castle and the beautiful surrounding nature with its waterfalls, Mitata, the seaside Avlemonas with its fish taverns, the main village of Potamos with its lively market, Aroniadika and Kastrisianika with particular architectural interest (pay attention to the impressive chimneys of the houses).

Nature lovers will walk through the canyons in the heart of the island and discover unspoiled beaches in the inaccessible pine forests of the North.