Within the medieval walls of Monemvasia is one of the most well-preserved and vibrant castle cities in Greece, which attracts fanatical visitors all year round.

Dozens of churches, mansions of rich merchants, fountains, Turkish baths, and winding cobbled streets are kept in remarkably good condition, preserving the atmosphere of this settlement, which from the Byzantine years to the 19th century played an important role in the history of the region. There is no car inside the castle, so get ready for a walk.

The main cobbled path that starts from the gate of the Castle leads you to the most important sights but also to the restaurants, bars, and shops that are gathered along with it. From the central square with the cannon, the church of the Dragged Christ and the Archaeological Museum begins the cobbled path to the Upper Castle or Goula, the second settlement. It is worth the uphill between the pomegranates and the date palms and only for the view from the walls of the Upper Castle, in front of the imposing church of Agia Sofia, but unfortunately at the moment, the Upper Castle is closed for maintenance.

The new town, Gefyra, is no different from any newly built beach resort, except perhaps for the fact that it offers views of the Castle.
You will find everything: taverns, shops, patisseries, banks. Its sandy beach is very popular.

Monemvasia Castle never leaves the agenda of weekenders.
Except in summer, however, things are more relaxed, as the large groups that come for a day trip are missing and the visitors are mainly couples. Easter has a special color.

Source: athinorama.gr